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Every month, I will deliver two compelling stories about your company. They may be a case study, an employee story, or a story about the evolution of your company into what it is today. I can tell these stories in two-part segments or as longer, individual stories. I will require some contributions from your team for the basis of the story, but I will flesh the story out and make it compelling as an evergreen content asset. If you'd rather tell a single, epic story each month, that works too.

The stories can be delivered as four chapters of 500-750 words each, or a single story of up to 3000 words.

Can deliver at once or over a period of several weeks. I reserve the right to withdraw this package at my discretion.

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Getting started

We can discuss contracting details, as well as any desired topics/keywords that you want to optimize for, and your target audience persona. The idea of this program is to tell compelling stories about the causes your business is active in, the benefits delivered to one or more of your clients' business, or the the story of your product from ideation to its current iteration. Moments of comedy, drama or suspense are welcome and make for a better story. I will be happy to make two rounds of revisions to the stories as delivered to your brief/requirements.

Stories will vary by company, and messaging will be tailored based on the intended audience for the persona you want to reach. I can also tailor the story based on the line of business the story relates to, whether it be sales, customer service, or otherwise. Storytelling is a great way to build credibility and empathy with your clients. Let's talk!